Adriana-Corina Iotcov Freelance Translator

My expertise

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Legal and official documents

Contracts: sale and purchase contracts, lease purchase contracts, loan agreements, service agreements, lease agreements

Affidavits, certificates of residence, certificates of fiscal residence

Environmental permits

Job descriptions


University degree diplomas

Transcripts of records


Business, finance, banking

Articles of incorporation

Audit reports

Balance sheets

Bank statements

Bank letters of guarantee

Bank policies and procedures manuals

Board of Directors' Reports

Compliance Reports


Market research

Research proposals

Research reports

Questionnaires – various fields



Product presentations





Software (UI, Help)

Documentation and user manuals



User's and operator's guides

Technical sheets

Occupational health and safety reports

Tender books



Journalism: press releases, press coverage reports


Environment and sustainable development





PeriodLanguage pairDescriptionApproximate word count
August 2012Romanian - EnglishAgriculture and food safety reports12,000 words
July - August 2012Romanian - EnglishBanking documents: credit risk management procedures, customer sheets, loan agreements, compliance reports90,000 words
June 2012Romanian - EnglishBank compliance report10,000 words
June 2012Romanian - EnglishFinancial statements6,000 words
May 2012Romanian - EnglishBank audit report12,000 words
April 2012English - RomanianPress release and communications policy5,000 words
March 2012Romanian - EnglishStudy on the use of social media in education10,000 words
February 2012Romanian - EnglishAccounting policies6,000 words
January 2012English - RomanianSoftware localization - UI and help files15,000 words
January 2012Romanian - EnglishWebsite translator for a software company5,000 words
December 2011English - RomanianLegal - Clinical study agreement5,000 words
November 2011Romanian - EnglishTechnical study (data structures)10,000 words
September 2011Romanian - EnglishTender documents – technical offer60,000 words
August 2011English - RomanianMarket research questionnaire3,000 words
July 2011Romanian - EnglishTender documents8,500 words
June 2011English - RomanianLegal documents for networking website21,000 words
May 2011Romanian - EnglishTranslation of a magazine on Romanian tourist attractions25,000 words
April 2011English - RomanianTranslation of a questionnaire on managerial skills3,000 words
February 2011Romanian - EnglishTranslation of a magazine on Romanian tourist attractions20,000 words
January 2011English - RomanianLocalization of a major networking website - Editing40,000 words
January 2011English - RomanianEditing and proofreading of a user's interface for a software company5,000 words